Danish Reporters Capture Footage of Armed Men on Alleged Russian Spy Ship


A joint investigation by Nordic public broadcasters alleges that the Admiral Vladimirsky is a Russian spy ship mapping key sites for possible sabotage.

Danish journalists filmed armed individuals monitoring them as they approached the Admiral Vladimirsky, a Russian research vessel that Nordic public broadcasters are alleging is actually a spy ship. According to the investigation, the vessel is mapping important sites, including wind farms, potentially for sabotage.

The Admiral Vladimirsky has been tracked across the North Sea and Nordic waters, with this footage captured near Denmark in November 2022. While the ship is officially categorised as an underwater research vessel, Nordic authorities have dubbed it a spy ship in light of the investigation’s allegations.

Public broadcasters from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are collaborating in their findings, with the aim of bringing greater international attention to the ship’s activities, which they believe pose a risk to European security.

The Russian government has not yet commented on the allegations, nor on the footage captured by the Danish reporters.

This discovery has unsettled many within the Nordic community, but it provides an opportunity for greater transparency and cooperation to protect against potential security risks. As European countries work towards safeguarding key sites and critical infrastructure, it is hoped that this investigation will prompt further measures to address any vulnerabilities.

By Evey Lovelace

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