Former Indian MP Atiq Ahmed shot and killed by fake journalists

Controversial politician, Atiq Ahmed, was killed while talking to reporters when three men posing as journalists shot at him.

Controversial former Indian MP Atiq Ahmed was killed on Saturday night. He was talking to reporters when shots were fired by three men who had been posing as journalists. The state government in Uttar Pradesh is investigating the incident, and the three suspects were detained by police.

At the time of the shooting, Ahmed was under police escort. Over the past two decades, dozens of cases were filed against him, including murder, kidnapping and extortion.

Ahmed was known for his controversial stance, and was often in the news for his political activities. He was a five-time MLA from Kanpur and was named in over 40 criminal cases. Ahmed was previously a member of the Samajwadi Party and also contested the 2014 Lok Sabha election as an independent candidate.

The killing of Ahmed has sent shockwaves across the political fraternity. Leaders across party lines have condemned the incident and demanded swift action against the perpetrators.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of criminals posing as journalists to target their victims. This incident has once again highlighted the need for stricter background checks and regulations for media professionals. It is hoped that this incident will lead to better safety measures for journalists and politicians alike in the future.

By Evey Lovelace

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