Midjourney introduces new AI feature for generative art creation

Describe allows artists to upload pictures as the basis for their art project, taking the guesswork out of generating new photos and art.

Midjourney, the generative AI design site, has launched a new feature called Describe. This new tool allows artists to upload a picture and use it as the basis for their art projects.

The tool works the same as any other command on Midjourney, but instead of /imagine, artists use /describe. Once the command is entered, a drop/drag box appears that lets creators upload the picture they want to use for their creation.

After the image is uploaded, the AI produces four options for the artist to choose from. These options generate the next picture based on the prompt given. Artists can then make variations, upscale, remaster or download the image.

Experts have praised Midjourney for addressing a long-standing issue plaguing many AI platforms. The inability to convincingly draw human hands. Midjourney appears to have solved this problem by introducing data that includes images of hands to the program.

Midjourney’s latest feature is a step forward in generative art creation, allowing artists to take inspiration from existing photos while still creating unique creations. The continued advances in AI technology hold promise for even more incredible tools in the future.

By Evey Lovelace

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