Push Protocol’s Chatbot Aims to Offer Web3 Makeover With Default Encryption

Push Protocol is aiming to make its chatbot a secure and fun experience for users by incorporating default encryption and Web3 ideologies.

Push Protocol aims to give its chatbot a new look that is both secure and easy to use by incorporating Web3 ideologies. The co-founder of Push Protocol, Harsh Rajat, told Decrypt that encryption brings privacy, which is crucial and is done by various Web2 messaging, notification, or video platforms worldwide. Push leverages the same idea but keeps Web3 ideologies in mind, ensuring that the government will not have issues with it.

Originally launched in 2020 as Ethereum Push Notification Service on the Ethereum network, Push Protocol included Polygon and BNB Chain last month. With the Push app’s concept, Rajat stated that they intend to start with a combination of wallet activity and AI that expands to chat-based payments and a personalized user experience.

Global leaders have expressed concerns about user privacy because of the potential ills of artificial intelligence. Countries like Canada, Germany, and Sweden have expressed particular concerns about it. Italy has gone so far as to ban ChatGPT entirely. Using default encryption with their chatbot, Rajat hopes that regulators will view Push Protocol’s version more favorably.

“All chats are encrypted by default,” said Rajat. Instead of providing bland and straightforward answers, the platform attempts to liven up its responses. Saving messages on both IPFS and Push Nodes, Push Protocol uses different encryption methods for authentication and communication, preventing any public chats by default. The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), the distributed, peer-to-peer file-sharing network that underpins the decentralized web, supports the system.

Push Protocol is leveraging artificial intelligence and default encryption to offer a secure and fun experience for users worldwide. With the use of IPFS and distinct encryption methods, Chatbots like Push Protocol offer more privacy and transparency in chat messaging. Push Protocol’s founders believe that by incorporating Web3 ideologies, they can contribute to a better future for tech and the internet.

By Evey Lovelace

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