Israeli Military Raid in West Bank Leaves Nine Palestinians Dead, Including Elderly Woman

1: nine palestinians and israeli military personnel were involved in a raid in the occupied west bank. the raid resulted in the death of nine palestinians, including an elderly woman, and four militants were arrested. the israeli military said it was acting to foil major attacks by a palestinian islamic jihad (pij) “terror squad”.

2: the raid occurred in the flashpoint town of jenin in the west bank. palestinian health minister mai al-kaila said the situation in jenin was “extremely critical” following the raid, and the children’s ward of a local hospital was hit by israeli tear gas.

3: during an attempt to arrest the militants, three opened fire towards the troops and were killed. a fourth surrendered and was arrested. other palestinian gunmen opened fire at the troops during the raid, and the troops responded with live fire. the israeli defense force (idf) accused the militants of being “heavily involved in planning and executing multiple major terrorist attacks on israeli civilians and soldiers”. palestinian president mahmoud abbas condemned the raid as a “massacre”, and tensions have recently risen in the west bank as the israeli military continues what it describes as an anti-terrorism offensive.

By Evey Lovelace

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