Winter Storm and Tornado Watch: Millions of Americans Brace for Devastation

Of americans from texas to maine are currently under a winter storm watch, and a tornado watch is also in effect for parts of florida and georgia. on tuesday, a tornado ripped through texas causing severe destruction, leaving over 160,000 homes and businesses in arkansas, missouri and texas without power. at least 250 flights have been delayed and over 300 cancelled due to the winter storm.

Winter storm watch and tornado watch were issued on wednesday morning. snowfall from texas to maine is expected to reach between four and eight inches, while northern new england and surrounding areas may see eight to 12 inches. low pressure systems developed off the coasts of texas and florida that have started to move north.

Tornado that struck texas on tuesday was caused by the low pressure systems that developed off the coasts of texas and florida. residents of parts of texas are still clearing debris from the tornado, which blocked roads with uprooted poles and downed power lines in pasadena, texas. several commercial trucks were overturned in pasadena. emergency crews have already begun the process of restoring power and clearing out debris, and are bracing for the next round of bad weather.

By Evey Lovelace

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