US and Germany Send Powerful Tanks to Ukraine in Historic Military Move

Us and germany have agreed to provide ukraine with military equipment, including 31 m1 abrams tanks from the us and 14 leopard 2 tanks from germany. president volodymyr zelensky hailed the twin announcements as a turning point that could allow their military to regain momentum and take back occupied territory. russia condemned the us decision to provide ukraine with tanks as a “blatant provocation.”

Decision to provide ukraine with tanks was announced at the white house by president joe biden, and a us package of $400m (£323m) has been approved to send heavy weapons to ukraine. germany will also be sending a shipment of leopard 2 tanks, and it is expected to take many months before the tanks will arrive on the battlefield. us vice president joe biden said troops would be trained to use the american-made tanks “as soon as possible” but added that delivering them would “take time”.

Us-made military vehicle is one of the most modern battle tanks in the world and requires extensive training to operate. the us is giving ukraine the parts and equipment necessary to effectively sustain the tanks in battle. it is unclear if the us-made tanks will be taken from an existing stockpile or built as new for ukraine. us state department spokesman john kirby attributed the change in washington’s position to the conditions on the ground as well as russia’s tactics, without giving further details.

By Evey Lovelace

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