“Sean Chen Writes New NFT-Driven Comic Book Series to Give Creatives a Chance to Be Less Exploited”

Chen is a comic writer and artist who recently produced a new nft-driven comic book series called “genesis.” the story follows asian-american scientist lucas zhang and his daughter and explores themes of robotics, corporations, militarism, and immortality. chen is offering ethereum nfts of the characters from his story, giving readers a sense of ownership and fandom in the digital age. chen’s designs for iron man have had a major influence on marvel’s cinematic portrayal of the character.

Released his first nft, a giant gorilla named bobo, in late 2021. it has already seen over 553 eth (nearly $900,000) in total volume traded. chen has also lamented that the creators who are responsible for these successes are often in “really bad shape” and unable to afford health care. he believes that the comics industry has seen a backlash against nfts from the community.

Sees nfts and tokenization as a way to establish a more direct connection between artists and fans. he believes that a new model is emerging, one that is more from creator to reader or consumer than the traditional comic industry. he sees this shift as an opportunity for creatives to be less exploited and for readers to engage with the content better than physical issues. despite the competition in the fledgling web3 comics world and the uncertain path forward, chen remains optimistic about the future of this paradigm shift in the way comics are consumed.


By Evey Lovelace

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