Pompeo Reveals Near Nuclear Confrontation Between India and Pakistan in 2019

Us secretary of state mike pompeo has revealed in his new memoir that india and pakistan came close to a nuclear conflagration in february 2019. the two countries, both of whom claim control of the kashmir region, were involved in a dispute that had been ongoing since their independence from britain and partition in 1947. the conflict was sparked by an islamist terrorist attack on indian troops, prompting india to launch retaliatory strikes against militants in pakistani territory.

Incident occurred in february 2019, when mike pompeo was awakened in hanoi to speak with an indian “counterpart” as tensions between the two nations escalated. the aerial attack india conducted across the line of control (loc) dividing indian and pakistani territory was the first since 1971. pakistan responded by saying it had shot down two indian military jets and captured a fighter pilot.

Dispute between india and pakistan over kashmir has been ongoing since 1947, and the 2019 incident was the result of a group based in pakistan, jaish-e-mohammad (jem), claiming responsibility for an attack on indian soldiers. in response, india vowed to retaliate with airstrikes, prompting pakistan to shoot down two indian military jets and capture a fighter pilot. mike pompeo asked general bajwa to do nothing and to give them a minute to sort things out, and after a few hours, the two sides had been convinced that neither was preparing for nuclear war.


By Evey Lovelace

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