Million Dollar NFT Heist: Kevin Rose’s Ethereum Wallet Hacked

June 7th, kevin rose, co-founder of moonbirds creator proof, had his ethereum wallet “hacked” and around 40 nfts were taken. the stolen assets are estimated to be worth at least a million dollars and included 25 chromie squiggles from the art blocks project and an autoglyphs nft from original cryptopunks creator larva labs. opensea flagged the stolen assets, preventing them from being sold on their platform.

Attack occurred in rose’s wallet, krovault.eth, which is described as a vault for locking down his high-value assets. foobar estimated the damage to be around $2 million worth of nfts. rose confirmed the event via a tweet and warned others to stay away from buying any squiggles until the nfts were flagged. after the attack ceased, public wallet data displayed on the opensea marketplace showed that rose began transferring some of his most valuable nfts out of the krovault.eth wallet and into another wallet.

Is suspected that rose may have encountered an attack or exploit that caused the movement of 40 nfts out of his wallet. the exploit may be related to a phishing attack. foobar suggested wallet siloing as the best way to prevent similar attacks, saying that “one malicious signature was all it took.” decrypt attempted to contact rose for further details but did not receive a response. cryptopunks, in particular, would not be impacted by this incident since they cannot be traded on opensea.

By Evey Lovelace

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