David Bianchi Unveils Dystopian Series “RZR” at Red Carpet Event, Rooted in Blockchain Technology

Bianchi, an actor and filmmaker, recently hosted a public table reading for his upcoming series “rzr” at a red carpet event. the series is set in a dystopian los angeles and follows the story of grimm, a war veteran and engineer who augments his body to access the web using neural implants. sarah buxton is the coo of gala films and is producing and handling distribution for the series. the series is described as “black mirror” meets “mr. robot” with a little “children of men” sprinkled on top. bianchi wrote the script for the series and created two rzr nft drops.

Public table reading for “rzr” happened on the red carpet at a recent event. filming for the series is set to begin next month, with noelle hubbell producing the series with gala film, and caa’s claire koonce serving as casting director. the project is expected to premiere later this year, and will be firmly rooted in blockchain technology.

Has been utilizing blockchain technology and nfts to build engagement and community around the project. blockchain enables immutable technology that creates scarcity and cannot be manipulated or destroyed. nfts have been used by film productions, musicians, and others to raise funds and to connect directly with fans. bianchi’s project is already greenlit and going into production, with guaranteed distribution on gala film and a major streaming service at a later date. he believes that the blockchain and nft community are highly influential and tech savvy, making them the perfect target for his project, and that these factors make for an incredible potential for blockchain and film.


By Evey Lovelace

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