Cybercriminals Steal $8,200 in Crypto Tokens from Robinhood Exchange in Twitter Hack

Wednesday, cybercriminals hacked the twitter account of the robinhood exchange and were able to make off with 26.95 bnb tokens, worth around $8,200. the wallet benefitting from the scam was hosted on the binance cryptocurrency exchange, and other robinhood social media profiles were also compromised. the source of the incident was a third-party vendor.

Hack occurred on july 15, 2020 when the cybercriminals were able to get past twitter security. they impersonated several high-profile accounts, including former us president barack obama, president (then vice president) joe biden, apple, uber, kanye west, elon musk, bill gates, and warren buffet, and began promoting a bitcoin scam that federal authorities say nabbed $117,000 in btc.

Are typically compromised through sim jacking or phishing attacks, and in this case, hackers gained access to twitter’s “god mode” which allows twitter staff to access any account on the platform. this allowed the hackers to impersonate any account they liked and target unaware victims. after the incident, binance ceo changpeng “cz” zhao responded, saying the account had been locked pending further investigation. robinhood wrote in a statement that the unauthorized posts from robinhood twitter, instagram, and facebook profiles were all removed within minutes. us and uk law enforcement officials arrested nima fazeli, mason sheppard, and graham ivan clark in connection with the twitter hack, with clark ultimately sentenced to three years in federal prison.

By Evey Lovelace

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