“Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate Detained in Romania on Rape and Human Trafficking Allegations”

Andrew tate and his brother tristan have been detained in romania since 29 december over allegations of rape and human trafficking. the two romanian women held with them have had their custody extended until 27 february. a former romanian policewoman was also taken for questioning on wednesday. prosecutors allege the brothers recruited victims by seducing them and falsely leading them to believe they wanted a relationship or marriage.

Allegations against the brothers took place on the outskirts of the romanian capital, bucharest. victims were allegedly taken to properties in the area and forced to create pornographic content. they were also allegedly sexually exploited.

Brothers allegedly used seduction to lead victims to believe they wanted a relationship or marriage. it is unclear why the brothers would have done this, but they deny any wrongdoing. andrew tate said the case against him was “empty” and tristan tate added that there was “no evidence” against him. when asked if he had hurt any women, mr tate replied: “of course not”.


By Evey Lovelace

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