Ticketmaster Learns “Valuable Lessons” from Taylor Swift’s 2023 US Tour Disruption Ahead of US Senate Testimony

Incident involved ticketmaster’s parent company, live nation, and us senator amy klobuchar, chair of the senate committee on consumer rights. taylor swift discussed her tour with msnbc last year, and the senate judiciary committee will be examining competition in the ticketing industry in response to the incident. country star garth brooks submitted a letter to the senators, calling for a tougher stance on ticket touts. ticketmaster has denied any such dealings.

Disruption of the sale of taylor swift’s 2023 us tour caused by software attacks happened last year. the incident took place in the us senate, where ticketmaster will testify and reveal that they have learned “valuable lessons” from the disruption.

Incident happened due to software attacks and ticketmaster’s “verified fan” scheme. ticketmaster faced an unprecedented amount of bot traffic during the onsale of taylor swift’s tour, which caused their systems to slow down and even pause sales. this led to a negative consumer experience that ticketmaster deeply regrets. ticketmaster has received criticism from fans and politicians, who allege that the company has too much control over the live music market and artificially inflates the cost of tickets with fees and service charges.


By Evey Lovelace

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