Justin Kan’s Fractal Launches NFT-Powered Games on Polygon Network, Hoping to Change the World with Next “Fortnite or Free Fire”

A platform co-founded by justin kan, co-founder of twitch, has launched its nft-powered games on the ethereum sidechain network polygon. major brands such as reddit and nike have recently jumped on board with polygon, which has enabled fractal to offer its suite of features, including a marketplace for in-game nfts and a launchpad for minting new projects.

Was launched in december 2021, and has since been supported by a $35 million seed round from various investors. 30 polygon-based games are now available on fractal, including sunflower land, aether games, life beyond, and phantom galaxies. fractal also received a strategic investment from polygon ventures, and will be working with polygon labs to host online tournaments and events ahead of the annual game developers conference (gdc) in march.

Has expanded outward in late 2020, adding game projects that run on the ethereum mainnet. this has enabled them to compete against magic eden, the dominant solana nft marketplace that also added polygon support. fractal’s focus on gaming will be a key differentiator, and justin kan is hopeful that captivating games will drive the change for web3 models. he believes that one of the games will be the next “fortnite or free fire that’ll change the world.” fractal is also committed to enforcing creator royalties and supporting the development of web3 applications.


By Evey Lovelace

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