Germany to Send Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine and Allow Other Nations to Follow Suit

Chancellor olaf scholz has decided to send leopard 2 tanks to ukraine, and allow other countries to do the same. poland wants to send 14 tanks, and the uk has already committed to sending 14 challenger 2 tanks to ukraine. the wall street journal reports that the united states could send a significant number of abrams m1 tanks to ukraine, with an announcement possible this week.

Decision to send tanks to ukraine was made by german chancellor olaf scholz, and other countries such as poland, the uk, and the united states may also send tanks. this decision comes after germany has been hesitant to send its own tanks, or allow other nations to send theirs, due to concerns it could escalate the conflict with russia.

Sees the tanks as vital for breaking through russian lines and to beat an anticipated russian offensive this spring. ukrainian president’s chief of staff, andriy yermak, called on western countries to give kyiv hundreds of tanks to form a “crushing fist” against russia. tanks are one of the components for ukraine to return to its 1991 borders, according to andriy yermak. berlin needs to approve the export of leopard 2s, which are made in germany, and at least 14 leopard 2s will be sent by germany, according to german outlets. polish pm mateusz morawiecki said germany had a “special responsibility” to support ukraine, having built up “huge russian funds” before the war by buying its gas. german defence minister boris pistorius earlier said that berlin had given other nations the green light to train ukrainians to use leopard 2 tanks, but did not commit to sending their own.

By Evey Lovelace

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