Russia Expels Estonian Ambassador in Retaliation for “Russophobia”

Estonian ambassador to russia, margus laidre, was ordered to leave the country by 7 february. the kremlin accused estonia of “russophobia”, and this is the first ambassador russia has expelled since invading ukraine last year. representatives from 11 nato nations gathered at an army base in estonia to discuss a range of new packages to help ukraine recapture territory and fend off any further russian advances.

Expulsion occurred on monday, when mr laidre was summoned to the russian foreign ministry and asked to leave the country. estonia had recently ordered a reduction in the size of the russian embassy in tallinn, from 17 to eight by the end of january.

Russian side decided to downgrade the diplomatic representative in both countries to charge d’affaires due to what they called estonia’s “purposeful destruction” of relations with moscow. the kremlin also accused estonia of “total russophobia” and cultivating hostility towards russia, elevating it to the rank of state policy. embassy staff had stopped seeking to advance relations between the countries since the conflict broke out. the development of the two countries’ relationship now lies with estonia.

By Evey Lovelace

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