“Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson Appoints Aide Who Illegally Fished Endangered Eel Species, Sparks Controversy”

Incident involved sweden’s prime minister ulf kristersson and his top aide peter magnus nilsson. mr nilsson was found to have gone eel fishing illegally and misled the police about it. the opposition social democrats have called for mr nilsson to resign.

Incident occurred in october 2022 when the new centre-right coalition government, backed by a far-right party, took office. it happened in sweden, where it is illegal to go eel fishing without a permit. the european eel, a local delicacy, is critically endangered according to stockholm university baltic sea centre.

Nilsson was apprehended by marine officials and asked if the equipment was his, but he lied and said it was not. he later called the police back to correct his statement and was fined 38,800 kronor ($3,800; â£3,060). prime minister ulf kristersson was critical of mr nilsson’s initial dishonesty but argued that it was weighed up by his subsequent admission and acceptance of the fine. the social democrats are now seeking details on the process of mr nilsson’s appointment and security clearance.


By Evey Lovelace

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