Pakistan Experiences Nationwide Power Outage Following Grid Failure

Monday, pakistan experienced a major power cut that affected all of its major cities, including karachi, islamabad, lahore and peshawar. power minister khurrum dastagir said that the breakdown in the national electricity grid was caused by a “frequency variation” in southern pakistan. the energy ministry reported that the grid failure occurred at around 07:30 local time (02:30 gmt).

Power cut was felt throughout the country, and the government ordered shopping centers and markets to close early each day in order to save money on electricity. the power cut came at a time when pakistan’s reserves of foreign currency are already dwindling, and global energy prices have been increasing.

Power cut was caused by a “frequency variation” in southern pakistan, which caused power generating units to shut down one by one due to voltage fluctuation. in winter, the demand for electricity reduces nationwide, which could have been a contributing factor to the grid failure. despite the power cut, khurrum dastagir insisted that this was “not a major crisis” and that power would be restored soon. the energy ministry reported that swift work was taking place to revive the system, and some grids in the country had already been restored.

By Evey Lovelace

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