Israeli Army Investigating Unnecessary Killing of 45-Year-Old Palestinian Father of Four

ahmad kahla, a 45-year-old palestinian father of four, was shot to death by israeli forces at a temporary checkpoint in the occupied west bank. the israeli army’s military police unit is now investigating the incident. initially, the military had stated that kahla had attempted a terrorist attack, however, israeli media reported that a leaked preliminary report found that the shooting was unnecessary. a video of the incident showed a scuffle between kahla and the soldiers before he was fatally shot.

the incident occurred when qusai kahla, the 20-year-old son of ahmad, was on his way to work with his father. they were stopped by israeli forces conducting vehicle checks in the village of silwad. ahmad had pepper spray and used it on the soldiers. he then opened the car door and attempted to drag one of the soldiers out. there was a struggle and a gunshot, after which mr kahla was taken away. witnesses reported hearing ambulance sirens 10 minutes later.

the israeli brigade commander conducting the initial investigation had concluded that mr kahla was not planning an attack. the palestinian authority’s foreign ministry strongly criticized the incident as a “heinous crime of execution.” qusai’s father had seen a driver on the other side of the road had a flat tyre and got out to help him. when he rejoined the line, other drivers honked their horns, prompting a soldier to throw a sound bomb at the car’s front windscreen. this led to an argument between qusai’s father and the soldier, which ended in qusai’s father being fatally shot.

By Evey Lovelace

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