“Lyman Residents Stand United in the Face of War and Destruction”

Rogovitz and valeri dmitrenko are two of the many residents of lyman, in the donbas region of eastern ukraine, who have been forced to stay despite the ongoing violence and destruction. around 13,000 civilians decided to remain in lyman after russian forces approached the town last june. many of those who initially supported the russian presence in the town left when ukrainian forces began liberating the territory.

Bombardment of lyman began in june 2020 and has continued until the present day. the town is located in the donbas region of eastern ukraine and has been the site of much destruction and violence. around 60 people were squeezed into the same cellar on railway street, with about a third of them having pro-russian views. valeri and ira remain determined to make the best of it, helping their neighbours repair broken doors and windows.

Bombardment of lyman was caused by the presence of russian forces in the town. the mayor and his team have managed to restore electricity to most of the town and the surrounding villages, and pensions are now being paid on time. humanitarian groups have brought in wood stoves and distributed logs, and aid groups are providing hundreds of packed lunches each day. many pro-russian residents have changed their views due to the experience of the past year and understand they made a mistake in believing russian propaganda. fighter jets roar low overhead, demonstrating a remarkable resilience and collective spirit. tensions between the different locals became high due to the crowded living conditions.


By Evey Lovelace

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