“Revolutionary Three-Step Process Reduces Maternal Deaths from Blood Loss by More Than Half in Niger”

1: researchers working with niger’s health ministry have managed to reduce the number of women who bleed to death after giving birth in health facilities by more than half. the initiative relies on a simple three-step process including the use of a low-cost drug. this method achieved rapid reductions in maternal bleeding-deaths and can prevent millions more women around the world from bleeding to death after they give birth.

2: the research has taken place over the last six years and the findings – published in the medical journal the lancet – are extremely encouraging. the reduction in deaths caused by bleeding after women give birth has occurred in niger within one or two years.

3: the three-step process includes the use of a low-cost drug called misoprostol. expectant mothers are also handed a dose of misoprostol when they visit a clinic towards the end of the pregnancy, which they are asked to bring back for the birth – but it can be taken at home. if after 20 minutes the bleeding has not stopped, then a condom attached to a catheter is inserted into the uterus and then inflated. if this does not work, then what is called a non-inflatable anti-shock garment is used to give the mother time to get to surgery for blood transfusions.


By Evey Lovelace

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