Peru Closes Iconic Machu Picchu Amid Deadly Protests Against President Boluarte

Recent protests in peru have had a major impact on the country’s tourism sector, with the famous machu picchu site being closed indefinitely. hundreds of people, mostly foreigners, are currently stranded at the foot of the site. the demonstrations began after the previous leader, pedro castillo, was ousted and are demanding fresh elections and the resignation of the current president dina boluarte. dozens of people have been killed in the months of violent protests.

Closure of machu picchu on saturday came after rail services to the site were suspended due to the damage caused by the demonstrators. in the latest clashes, roads were blocked and police fired teargas at stone-throwing protesters in the capital, lima. last month, the authorities had to rescue hundreds of tourists from nearby who had been stuck for days. at least 58 peruvians have been injured in the latest clashes and one more protester has died in the southern region of puno.

Protesters are calling for ms boluarte to step aside and call fresh elections, and for her left-wing predecessor, pedro castillo, to be released from custody. the european union has condemned the widespread violence and what it called the “disproportionate” use of force by the police. the demonstrations are a result of years of political turmoil in the country, which came to a head when mr castillo was arrested last month for trying to dissolve congress. some regional governors have also called for the president’s resignation.

By Evey Lovelace

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