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Kyiv Tech Enthusiast Launches DAO to Build Time Machine Based on Relativistic Electrodynamics

Polischuk, a tech enthusiast based in kyiv, recently released a press release announcing a newly created dao which aims to build a time machine. professor preecha yupapin is aiming to build the world’s first time machine, and the first step is a prototype that can send information to the future or past, costing around $3 million. a decentralized autonomous organization (dao) was formed, where anyone can become a co-owner and a token is available, with 20% of the dao’s treasury to reward the core team and contributors.

Announcement of the dao was made in late september of 2020. the invention is based on relativistic electrodynamics and quantum effects, and was approved by independent experts. polischuk was introduced to professor yupapin, who had previously outlined the blueprints of a machine based on einstein’s theory of relativity in the journal of industrial technology and innovation. a marketing blitz coordinated via reddit, youtube and twitter was planned to launch the dao.

Attempted to verify yupapin’s expertise by looking over a number of published papers and reassured that it was all above board. the machine was said to allow users to change the past, with the potential for token-incentivized crypto bros to fill their bags with btc circa 2009. yupapin’s paper focused on the second school of time travel theory, in which the past could be changed and would fork the timeline and produce a parallel spinoff with major differences. high-risk time travel ventures like killing hitler were off the table as professor yupapin was a very “ethical person”. the more likely use for the machine was said to be something like “time travel tourism” or even time travel immigration. polischuk mused that many people would like to go to the past, some for an excursion, while others want to stay there. it was estimated that it would take 10-11 months to build.

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