US Commits $2.5 Billion in Support for Ukraine, 50 Countries to Meet in Germany for Arms Co-ordination

1: the us recently announced a package worth $2.5bn to ukraine, which included armoured vehicles and air defence systems. this was discussed at an army base in estonia by 11 nations and the us has now committed more than $26.7bn in security assistance to ukraine since russia’s full-scale invasion on 24 february 2022. the netherlands will announce its own package of support for ukraine on friday.
paragraph 2: on friday, a meeting of the ukraine defence group, made up of key allies including the us, will convene at ramstein air base in germany. the talks are likely to focus on the question of sending heavy tanks, with germany being asked to supply leopard tanks or approving their delivery by third countries. the uk was the first to make an offer, promising to send 14 british army challenger 2s.
paragraph 3: a meeting of 50 countries is scheduled for friday in germany in order to co-ordinate arms supplies. the us pledged additional support to ukraine, promising kyiv 59 bradley armoured vehicles, 90 stryker personnel carriers and avenger air defence systems, among other large and small munitions. several european nations also promised their own packages, with the uk pledging hundreds of missiles. the pentagon stated that recent air attacks by russia demonstrated “the devastating impact of russia’s brutal war in ukraine”. prime minister mateusz morawiecki has expressed his “moderately pessimistic” outlook on germany’s reaction, while ukraine president volodymyr zelensky has appealed to berlin’s decision to activate the co-operation chains on tanks.

By Evey Lovelace

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