Tanzanian Student, 33, Sacrifices Life in Ukraine After Being Offered Deal by Russian Forces

1: nemes tarimo, a 33-year-old tanzanian, and lemekhani nyirenda, a 23-year-old zambian student, were involved in a conflict in ukraine. tarimo had been in moscow as a student at the russian technological university and was imprisoned for drugs-related offences. he was offered a deal to sign up and be pardoned or stay in prison and chose to join the russian mercenary group wagner. nyirenda had also been in prison in russia and died last year fighting with wagner.

2: the conflict occurred at the end of october. tarimo was on a combat mission in ukraine with wagner and nyirenda had died the previous year in the same conflict. the tanzanian government has remained neutral on the conflict in ukraine.

3: tarimo’s death was a result of ukrainian artillery fire. the family is sad because they have lost a well-respected young man in the area and cannot make any plans until his remains are returned. the family wants to bury tarimo in their village in the southern highlands region and have been in touch with the embassy in moscow. the tanzanian government has yet to publicly comment on the student’s death.


By Evey Lovelace

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