“Sierra Leone Passes Historic Law to Empower Women and Girls”

Leone has recently passed a “ground-breaking” law to improve women’s rights. president julius maada bio apologized to women for their poor treatment in the past and the law requires that 30% of public and private jobs must be reserved for women. this is the first law of its kind in sub-saharan africa and it is expected to have a positive impact on girls in school, giving them hope for employment and business opportunities in sierra leone.

Passage of this law occurred in late june of 2020. it applies to any business with more than 25 employees and employers who do not stick to the new gender ratios face hefty fines of £2,000 ($2,500) and potential prison time. the law was passed in sierra leone, a country in west africa, and it is hoped that it will help the country become a middle-income country by engaging the 52% of the population who are women in the economy.

Law was passed due to the advocacy of women who have been “crying out for years” for change. it was also supported by organizations such as the unfpa and un women. the law grants women access to ringfenced senior positions in the workplace, at least 14-weeks of maternity leave, equal access to bank credit and training opportunities. this will help to combat gender inequality and discrimination against women in the workplace, which is a “big issue”. it is also expected to make it easier for women to start their own businesses, thus changing the status quo.


By Evey Lovelace

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