“Hody Childress: Guardian Angel of Geraldine, Alabama and a Man of Faith Who Gave Generously to His Community”

Story of hody childress, a humble, god-loving man and veteran of the air force, is one of generosity and hope. for nearly a decade, he donated $100 to the local pharmacy every month to help those who couldn’t afford to pay for a prescription, giving nearly $12,000 to the community. his daughter, tania nix, was brought in on the secret and was asked to take a $100 bill each month to the drugstore to help others in his community. he passed away on 1 january 2023 at the age of 80.

Events took place in geraldine, alabama, where childress worked as a farmer and employee of the lockheed martin space facility. when his son was prescribed an epi-pen, a lifesaving shot of adrenaline, but the family could not afford the $600 cost, childress stepped forward and generously offered to pay the entire expense. this story spread throughout the community and the media, with the washington post reporting on it. people from all over the us called the pharmacy to contribute to the fund that had been set up.

Asked the pharmacist to keep his generosity a secret, which she did for years until the news got out. ms nix was reminded of the hope and kindness that still exists in today’s society. residents of geraldine, alabama regard hody childress as their guardian angel. he was a man of faith who always sought to help others and his selfless acts have inspired many.


By Evey Lovelace

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