“High-Profile Influencer Andrew Tate Uses Flirty Emojis to Contact 17-Year-Old Romanian Girl Amid Rape and Trafficking Allegations”

1: daria gusa, a romanian woman, received an unexpected private message from andrew tate, a high-profile influencer almost 20 years her senior. the message read “romanian girl” and was followed by some flirty emoji. gabriela, another romanian woman, was 17 when she was contacted by andrew tate’s brother tristan and his initial message read, “you’re beautiful”.

2: the messages from andrew and tristan tate were sent in the recent past, though the exact date is unknown. the messages were sent through social media, though the specific platform is not known.

3: andrew tate appears to instruct others on how to approach women on social media. he suggests that adding an emoji such as cherries, an orange or a strawberry can help to raise intrigue and inspire a response. andrew tate also spoke of manipulating and exploiting women in his online courses. andrew and tristan tate are currently in 30-day custody while police investigate allegations of rape and trafficking, both of which they deny. it is unclear why andrew and tristan tate chose to message daria and gabriela, though it is likely that they were attempting to manipulate them.


By Evey Lovelace

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