Germany Faces Pressure to Send Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine to Combat Russian T-90s

Poland, germany, the us, and nine other european nations were involved in a dispute over the supply of leopard 2 tanks to ukraine. ukraine wants the tanks to repel russian forces, however germany has not yet decided whether to send the tanks, or allow other countries to donate theirs. this has led to pressure from other countries on berlin to act.

Dispute began earlier this week, when germany was reported to have made a decision on providing the tanks. on thursday, nine european nations met in estonia to discuss military donations for kyiv and on friday the us announced fresh support worth more than $2.5bn.

Us and other european nations have promised to supply armoured vehicles, air defence systems, and other supplies to ukraine. ukraine believes about 300 leopard 2 tanks would help ensure it can defeat russia. germany’s reluctance to send tanks has led to pressure from other countries, as german export laws prevent other countries from supplying leopard 2s until berlin gives the all-clear.

By Evey Lovelace

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