Former Kickboxer Andrew Tate and Brother to Remain in Custody Over Allegations of Sexual Assault and Exploitation

Paragraph: influencer andrew tate and his brother tristan have been ordered to remain in custody until 27 february following a ruling by a romanian court. the pair are being investigated over allegations of sexual assault and exploitation, and a judge has ruled that they will be kept in prison for an additional 30 days while police build their case. both tate and his brother deny the accusations.
2nd paragraph: the extended police detention of the brothers took place in romania. the judge’s written statement detailing the reasons for the extension will be released later. in addition, the breaking news story is being updated with more details to be published shortly. it can be received on a smartphone or tablet via the bbc news app, or on twitter via @bbcbreaking.
3rd paragraph: andrew tate is a former kickboxer with millions of online followers. he has been banned from multiple social media sites, such as tiktok, instagram, facebook and youtube, for making misogynistic comments. this may have been a contributing factor in the allegations of sexual assault and exploitation against him and his brother, for which they both deny.

By Evey Lovelace

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