Ethereum’s Core Developers Face a $25 Billion Decision: Should They Switch to SSZ or Stick with RLP?

1: ethereum’s core developers are facing a difficult decision as the network prepares to roll out its next big update, shanghai. at stake is $25 billion worth of eth and the expectations of billions of users. the decision is whether to use simple serialize (ssz) or recursive-length prefix serialization (rlp) for eth withdrawals. tomasz stańczak, a core developer, has questioned whether or not ethereum will even switch to ssz, while zoltu and nelson have voiced their opinions on the matter.

2: the merge was initially delayed due to the scrutiny placed on ethereum by its developers, but they eventually chose to be expedient without sacrificing too much. as the market capitalization of ethereum is now $189 billion, the pressure is high for the core developers to create a blockchain that is as close to flawless as possible.

3: despite the pressure, a large contingent of ethereum’s core developers are signaling their willingness to switch over to ssz in an upcoming upgrade. any withdrawal activity initiated between now and then will still be encoded with rlp and will remain on the ethereum blockchain indefinitely. this decision is being made in order to prioritize ethereum’s technical needs without gaining the ire of the masses again.

By Evey Lovelace

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