Donald Trump Withdraws Lawsuit Against Letitia James After Judge Accuses Him of Seeking Revenge

Friday, us president donald trump withdrew a lawsuit against new york attorney general letitia james after a judge in the us district court accused him of using the courts to seek revenge. the ongoing $250m (â£202m) lawsuit launched by ms james accuses mr trump’s family company – the trump organization – of committing fraud over a decade. the lawsuit against ms james, filed in november, claimed she had led “a relentless, pernicious, public and unapologetic crusade” against him and the trump organization.

Lawsuit was withdrawn on friday, less than a day after mr trump was rebuked by judge donald middlebrooks. the judge had previously ordered mr trump to pay nearly $1m (â£809,190) for another lawsuit filed against hillary clinton. the lawsuit against mrs clinton was dismissed in september, and mr trump was later fined after one defendant sought sanctions.

Middlebrooks called mr trump a “mastermind of strategic abuse of the judicial process” and said the lawsuit showed “inadequacy as a legal claim” and was intended for a “political purpose”. the lawsuit against mrs clinton accused her and others of conspiring to “weave a false narrative” during the 2016 election that his campaign was colluding with russia. no reasonable lawyer would have filed the lawsuit against mrs clinton, according to judge middlebrooks. a group of defendants, including mrs clinton, filed a new request for sanctions after the lawsuit against her was dismissed. the bbc has contacted mr trump and his legal team for comment. ms james has not commented.

By Evey Lovelace

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