Brett Harrison Returns to Crypto Trading with $5 Million in Funding for Web3 Infrastructure Company, Architect

Harrison, former president of, is back with a new venture for crypto traders called architect. the company is building web3 trading infrastructure, and has secured $5 million in funding from key players such as coinbase ventures, circle ventures, and anthony scaramucci. architect will provide customers with the ability to quickly and seamlessly trade across multiple crypto platforms through a single interface.

Venture began in may 2022, when the crypto venture capital world was brought “back to a more normal state” due to terra’s implosion. investors were taking more time to vet and investigate prospective targets, making it difficult for architect to raise capital. harrison hines, founder of architect, revealed that many of the partners for his new venture were people he had known and worked with for some time.

Departure from ftx us in september 2022 was due to a breakdown in his relationship with then-ftx international ceo sam bankman-fried over management practices. harrison had wanted to leave the company much earlier than the bankruptcy filing two months later. he commented on the possibility of ftx international being “rebooted,” and said it could be beneficial both for customers and traders. regarding’s solvency, harrison said it was impossible to say and all must wait.

By Evey Lovelace

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