800 Million People Worldwide Undernourished: The World Food Programme Fights Hunger and Malnutrition

United nations estimates that over 800 million people worldwide are undernourished, and malnutrition is a leading cause of death for children under five. in 2018, the world food programme, the world’s largest humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting hunger, provided assistance to over 97 million people in 88 countries.
when did it happen? this assistance was provided in 2018. where did it happen? the world food programme provided assistance in 88 countries across the globe.
how did it happen? the world food programme works with governments, local organizations, and other partners to address hunger and malnutrition. they provide food assistance, nutrition support, and other services to those in need. the world food programme is funded by voluntary contributions from governments, corporations, and individuals. why did it happen? poor nutrition can lead to stunted growth, weakened immune systems, and increased risk of disease. malnutrition is caused by a lack of access to nutritious food, poverty, and inadequate knowledge of nutrition.


By Evey Lovelace

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