Women Wrestlers Take a Stand: Protests Intensify in India Over Allegations of Sexual Harassment by WFI President

1: protests have been escalating in india after vinesh phogat, a renowned indian athlete, accused the chief of wrestling federation of india (wfi) and other coaches of sexually harassing women wrestlers for years. phogat has alleged that at least 10 women wrestlers have confessed to her about the exploitation. the wfi president, brij bhushan singh, has denied the allegations. phogat and other female athletes have declared that they will not participate in international tournaments until mr singh is removed from his post.
paragraph 2: on wednesday, phogat and other wrestlers held a protest at the jantar mantar heritage site. bajrang punia, who won a bronze medal at the tokyo olympics, was also present at the protest and accused the wfi president of running the wrestling federation in an “arbitrary manner”. in response to the allegations, india’s sports ministry has asked for a response from the wfi within three days.
paragraph 3: phogat has faced sexism throughout her career and has been a vocal critic of the sexist attitude towards women in sports. she has overcome gender stereotypes to become a successful professional athlete. the protesters have refused to back down until the government addresses their concerns, and india’s sports authority has cancelled the upcoming women’s national wrestling camp in response to the protests.


By Evey Lovelace

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