Robinhood Launches Robinhood Wallet App: Get Total Control Over Your Crypto Now!

Has launched the robinhood wallet, a new smartphone app that allows users to swap and transfer crypto and view owned nfts and crypto. the robinhood wallet is a separate, standalone app from the original robinhood trading app and was designed to compete with metamask, the popular ethereum wallet product. robinhood initially released the robinhood wallet in beta to 10,000 waitlisted customers in september, and it is now available to over 1 million waitlisted users.

Robinhood wallet was launched in september 2020 and is currently available on ios mobile devices. android support for robinhood wallet will follow later this year. robinhood wallet was designed to solve the challenges that many users had using competing products, which include unintuitive design and high fees. the robinhood wallet app is designed to offer swaps without network fees and is described as a “browser” for web3.

Wallet was designed to allow users to have total control over their crypto and provides access to more advanced features. it uses polygon, an ethereum sidechain, to offer swaps without network fees. robinhood added support for ethereum today, allowing users to transfer crypto to and from the platform. the robinhood wallet is more like metamask, or phantom, or the coinbase wallet. the robinhood wallet was created to make it easier for users to access and use crypto and nfts.

By Evey Lovelace

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