NYX Cosmetics Launches GORJS DAO and FKWME Pass NFTs, Setting a Precedent for Diversity and Inclusivity in Web3.

Professional makeup, a subsidiary of l’oréal, recently launched gorjs, a decentralized autonomous organization (dao) and 1,000 ethereum non-fungible tokens (nfts) called the “fkwme pass”. gorjs is powered by ethereum tokens, with a capped supply of 100 million. nyx global brand president yann joffredo said gorjs gives 3d creators “a path to success within the web3 ecosystem”.

Launch of gorjs and the fkwme pass nft tokens took place on february 1, 2021. the fkwme pass nfts are available to the public, each with a price of 0.19 eth—about $290 each at present. members of the dao can earn gorjs tokens by purchasing a fkwme pass nft (pronounced “fuck with me”).

Was launched to set a precedent for the values of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. through its services, gorjs is targeting creators and digital artists who are native to web3. it provides a suite of services to its members, including access to a yield farm, nft minting, and airdrops. gorjs automatically grants its holders a daily yield of gorjs tokens, as well as allowlisting them for future nft airdrops and exclusive future sales. nyx executives are founding members of the dao, and the organization has an advisory team of web3-focused executives. gorjs also proposes to reward users for bringing creative friends into the platform with gorjs tokens. this is part of l’oréal’s foray into web3 and its investment in metaverse startup digital village.


By Evey Lovelace

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