Alec Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez Reed Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in Western Film Set Tragedy

Alec baldwin and cinematographer halyna hutchins were involved in a fatal shooting on a film set. the shooting happened while baldwin was rehearsing a scene for the western film rust. hannah gutierrez reed, the film’s armorer, will also be charged with involuntary manslaughter. both baldwin and reed have not commented on the charges.

Shooting happened in october 2021 at a ranch near sante fe, new mexico. this breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. people can receive breaking news on a smartphone or tablet via the bbc news app or follow @bbcbreaking on twitter to get the latest alerts.

Shooting happened when baldwin fired a prop gun. the cause of the shooting has not been revealed yet, but baldwin and reed will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. no further details have been released yet and neither baldwin nor reed have commented on the charges.

By Evey Lovelace

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