“Vice-President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue Orders Arrest of Half-Brother Amidst Lavish Lifestyle Investigation”

Vice-president of equatorial guinea, teodoro nguema obiang mangue, ordered the arrest of his half-brother ruslan obiang nsue. ruslan is accused of selling a plane owned by the state airline without approval and pocketing the proceeds. teodoro proposed that the head of state suspend his half-brother from all his functions in the state company.

Incident occurred in 2021 when an investigation was ordered after an aircraft disappeared while undergoing maintenance in spain. teodoro nguema obiang mangue, known as “teodorin”, was fined and handed a suspended sentence by a french court for using public money to fund a luxurious lifestyle. several family members of president teodoro nguema obiang mangue hold key government roles.

Incident happened as teodoro nguema obiang mangue, the son of president teodoro nguema obiang mangue, the world’s longest-serving president, is reportedly being groomed to succeed president obiang. teodoro nguema obiang mangue has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in the us and europe and owns an expensive crystal-covered glove which was once owned by michael jackson. teodoro nguema obiang mangue expressed indignation over the sale of the plane and denied wrongdoing when he was fined and handed a suspended sentence by a french court. ruslan obiang nsue has not publicly commented on the allegations against him.


By Evey Lovelace

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