JetBlue Aircraft Collide on New York Airport Taxiway, FAA Launches Investigation

Incident involved two jetblue aircraft that bumped into one another on the taxiway of a new york airport on wednesday. no injuries were reported and passengers boarded a different aircraft after returning to the gate. jetblue reported that flight 1603 had come “into light contact with a parked unoccupied aircraft”. the federal aviation administration (faa) has launched an investigation into the incident.

Incident occurred on a wednesday at a new york airport. the two jetblue aircraft were on the taxiway when they bumped into one another. liveatc, a website that posts flight communications, captured the air traffic controller saying “delta 1943, cancel take-off clearance! delta 1943, cancel take-off clearance!”

Incident happened when an aircraft bound for puerto rico struck the tail of a parked plane as it was departing the gate. safety is jetblue’s first priority and both aircraft involved will be taken out of service for inspection and the incident will be investigated. delta air lines said it would co-operate with an investigation into the incident and american airlines, which operated the other plane, referred questions to the faa.

By Evey Lovelace

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