Germany Diversifies Energy Infrastructure in Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Invasion of ukraine by russia last year prompted germany to diversify its energy infrastructure. prior to the incident, germany imported around half of its gas from russia and more than a third of its oil. christian lindner, the minister of economic affairs, peter altmaier, and french president emmanuel macron have all been involved in the response to the invasion. the us also approved investments of $370bn (£299bn) in climate-friendly technologies.

Response to the invasion began in august when russia cut off germany’s gas supply and the country halted russian oil imports at the start of the year. in order to make up for the loss of these energy sources, germany began actively pursuing alternate energy sources such as coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants, as well as increasing capacity to store natural gas imported from other countries.

Us’s “made in america” rules, which were included in the inflation reduction act, have caused concern in europe as businesses outside the us may be put at a disadvantage. france has proposed responding with rival “buy european” incentives to counteract the us inflation reduction act. germany’s minister for economic affairs, peter altmaier, suggested negotiating exemptions for companies or developing a new trade deal instead of attempting to out-subsidise each other. the “made in america” rules have been met with pushback from american companies, many of whom rely on parts from other countries. german firms have a bigger presence in the us, with many having manufacturing plants.

By Evey Lovelace

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