Earn Bitcoin While Playing Fun Mobile Games with Zebedee and Viker!

1: zebedee and mobile game studio viker have recently released two new play-to-earn games, bitcoin chess and bitcoin scratch, on ios and android platforms. players can earn bitcoin in the form of satoshis (sats) and withdraw their earnings to the zebedee app, typically earning a few cents per session. additionally, they have released mobile solitaire and sudoku games that give players a chance to earn bitcoin, as well as a private server for counter-strike: global offensive, implementing an unofficial bitcoin integration.

2: zebedee raised $35 million in funding in july 2022 and their partnership with adtech startup slice allows for bitcoin lightning network payments in return for viewing browser ads. this concept was made popular by the brave browser and the trading price of a single bitcoin is in the thousands of dollars.

3: zebedee is a bitcoin-focused gaming infrastructure company that releases bitcoin-centric games through its mobile app. the model creates a more engaging player experience, leading to better retention and ultimately making the game more profitable. players do not need to understand bitcoin to play the games, making it a great way to earn bitcoin without having to understand the complexities of the cryptocurrency.


By Evey Lovelace

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