Solflare Makes Network Congestion a Thing of the Past with Priority Fees

A wallet provider, has implemented priority fees in a user-friendly way to help muscle through network congestion. solana labs, the blockchain network, introduced variable gas fees to the network last summer. in december, a debate in the polygon community resulted in an approved proposal to hard fork the polygon blockchain.

Priority fees were implemented last summer and the hard fork proposal was approved in december. the hard fork is set to take place tomorrow. the priority fees are live in solflare’s app on the web, in browser extensions, and for in-wallet transactions with mobile and app launching soon.

Fees help make a blockchain network more stable by preventing users from hammering the network with repeat transactions. solflare is the first to implement priority fees in a user-friendly way. transactions cost a small amount of the particular network’s coin or token to pay for sending cryptocurrency or nfts from one wallet to another. the hard fork is aimed at preventing gas fee spikes and address chain reorganizations. state in solana is isolated, meaning a highly contested piece of state won’t cause the gas price for other pieces of state to go up. solflare tweeted separately that when it matters the most, transactions will go through and be fast.

By Evey Lovelace

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