Republican Politician Accused of Orchestrating Shooting Spree Against Democratic Politicians

Pena, a republican state politician in new mexico, was the mastermind behind a shooting spree targeting the homes of democrats. he conspired with and paid four other men to shoot the properties of four local politicians. no one was hurt in the attacks, which happened soon after november’s elections.

Shootings occurred between 4 december and 3 january. the first attack happened at a commissioner’s home, where eight shots were fired. a week later, 12 bullets were fired at another commissioner’s home. the third attack happened at a state democrat’s home, where three shots were fired through her young daughter’s bedroom. all the attacks took place in new mexico.

Believe mr pena masterminded the operation and fired some of the shots. he had lost his attempt to sit in the state’s house and contested his defeat. he had also posted a photo of himself in a make america great again sweatshirt and draped in a trump 2024 flag, saying he would not concede the election. he had also approached the four democrats he later targeted to say without evidence that the election was fraudulent. albuquerque mayor tim keller said this kind of radicalism was a threat to the nation. more arrests are expected to be made.

By Evey Lovelace

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