“Pokeee Spends Nearly $1 Million to Sweep Up 69 DeGods NFTs – Bridging Them to Ethereum Mainnet”

Nft trader “pokeee” was involved in a major purchase on monday, spending nearly $1 million to sweep 69 degods nfts. the purchase was made through magic eden, a marketplace with a tool to “sweep the floor”, and was enabled by the platform’s upgraded functionality. pokeee is the owner of the pokeee.eth ethereum wallet, which holds three valuable bored ape yacht club nfts, and runs a private crypto fund.

Purchase took place on monday, through magic eden’s marketplace. degods has been outperforming other projects like solana monkey business and degenerate ape academy, having accrued more trading volume in sol than any other project. it has a total usd trading value of $135 million and tops all projects on a sol basis with 3.7 million sol worth of trading to date.

Purchase was enabled by magic eden’s upgraded functionality, which allowed for a larger mass purchase. the purchase was part of pokeee’s strategy to bridge degods to eth, and was also motivated by delabs’ announcement that they would be bridging degods to ethereum’s mainnet and y00ts to polygon, an ethereum sidechain, by the end of this quarter. they also received a $3 million grant from polygon labs to move y00ts to the polygon chain. pokeee’s tweet from january 13 got nearly 3,000 likes on twitter, and he had promised to make a purchase if his tweet got 1,000 likes.


By Evey Lovelace

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