Metaverse Tokens Rally: MANA, SAND, IMX, & FLOW Soar Up to 81.9% in 7 Days!

Past week has seen various tokens from popular metaverse projects experience explosive price growth. this includes mana, the native token of the popular web3 game decentraland, which rallied an impressive 81.9%, the sandbox’s sand token, which lagged behind but still mushroomed 41.8%, axie infinity’s native token, which rose 23%, immutable x (imx) token, which rallied 30.5%, and flow (flow) which grew by 33%.

Growth occurred over the course of the last seven days and has seen the tokens trade for fractions over $0.72, $0.72, $9.06 and $0.62 respectively. additionally, nft data aggregator cryptoslam reported a 77% jump in sales volume for flow-based nfts over the same period.

Growth is largely attributed to the increased chatter around the term “metaverse”, which generally refers to a new digital environment that builds on the current internet. this was further fueled by reports that apple will reportedly enter the space in spring with the release of its own combined virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar) headset. additionally, the bankruptcy of ftx exchange and its associated solana network has caused users to flock to more reliable platforms such as immutable x.

By Evey Lovelace

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