Greta Thunberg Detained at Protest to Save German Village from Coal Mine Expansion

Saturday, greta thunberg and a group of activists were detained by police at a protest outside the western german village of lützerath. the protesters were attempting to stop the abandoned village from being demolished for the expansion of a coal mine. according to police, ms thunberg was not arrested and would be released after they checked her id. the group had rushed towards the ledge of the garzweiler 2 mine.

Protest took place on saturday and occurred outside the village of lützerath. the village is owned by energy company rwe after residents abandoned it, and the area around lützerath yields 25 million tonnes of lignite each year. organisers of the protest said around 35,000 demonstrators attended while police said the number was closer to 15,000.

Protesters were attempting to stop the expansion of the coal mine due to the environmental damage burning coal causes. germany has pledged to bring forward the phase-out of coal in north rhine-westphalia to 2030, and the national target for the phase-out of coal is 2038. the government argues that it needs to expand the mine to keep up with german energy demand as it deals with the interruption of gas from russia. police said they had managed to remove all activists from the town over the weekend, and footage from sunday showed ms thunberg and other protesters being moved along by police.

By Evey Lovelace

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