Anthony Scaramucci Reflects on Close Relationship with Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried at Davos Forum

The world economic forum in davos, anthony scaramucci discussed his close relationship with former ftx ceo sam bankman-fried. scaramucci had considered bankman-fried a friend and the betrayal and fraud had hurt his reputation. scaramucci had gotten to know bankman-fried’s father, who was a tenured professor at stanford law school, and had worked on a charity with his aunt. he also recounted a trip to miami with bankman-fried and shark tank’s kevin o’leary to host a mock shark tank for children.

Events surrounding the situation occurred two months prior to ftx’s collapse in the crypto winter of 2022. at the time, ftx ventures had invested $45 million in anthony scaramucci’s skybridge capital. scaramucci had praised bankman-fried, calling him a “visionary who has built incredible businesses that are synergistic with the future of skybridge.” bankman-fried then stepped up to offer bailouts to numerous crypto firms, as he explained in an interview on the decrypt gm podcast.

Situation had come to a head at the world economic forum in davos, where anthony scaramucci expressed his opinion on ftx and drew on dante’s inferno to give his opinion of the situation. he said that the ninth circle of hell is reserved for those who betray a friend who lives with the devil. bankman-fried accepted responsibility for his mistakes and concluded the panel by saying that he is not going to stop taking risks. scaramucci believes that it is important to create a decentralized system where people don’t need to trust each other, but instead can use the technology to transact in a way that “sanctifies” the agreement.

By Evey Lovelace

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