39 Indicted for Storming Brazil’s Senate Following Jair Bolsonaro’s Election Loss

Attorney general has filed an indictment against 39 people for their alleged involvement in the storming of the senate building on 8 january. thousands of supporters of former president jair bolsonaro attacked government buildings in the aftermath of his election loss last year. the rioters forced their way into the presidential palace, congress and supreme court, resulting in dozens of police officers being injured.

Violence occurred on 8 january, taking place in brasília, the capital of brazil. it was condemned by president lula and other world leaders, with authorities in the city pledging to double the security presence at the locations that had been attacked.

Rioters were supporters of jair bolsonaro, who had lost his election the previous year. his supporters were outraged by the win of veteran leftist politician luiz inacio lula da silva, who had been found guilty of corruption in 2017 and spent time in prison before his convictions were annulled. the indictment accuses the 39 people of offences including coup activities and damage to public property, with the attorney general ordering a freeze on $7.7m of the group’s assets to cover repairs to damaged buildings.


By Evey Lovelace

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